With Lake City Coffee’s Espresso, you are guaranteed that each shot comes from high quality beans, not the “blend” you will find with most coffee companies. The difference between our espresso, and what you will find in the store is amazing. (14 oz)



Most coffee companies use an espresso “blend”.  Remember what I said in the video, the word “blend” is a code-word for, “Let’s mix a few good beans with a bunch of crappy beans that we bought on sale.”  If you want a really good espresso shot, then just start out with really good beans, all from the same farmer.  That’s exactly what we do.  We roast the beans till they’re “barely” black on the outside and still brown on the inside.  When you have a “barely” black outside, you get that slight burnt flavor and, more importantly, the subtle “real” coffee flavors. The difference between Lake City Coffee’s product and store bought product is amazing!

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Weight 14 oz


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