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You see coffee shops and drive thru’s all over Spokane and Coeur d’Alene.  Did you know that are a number of Spokane Whole Bean Coffee Roasters and Coeur d’Alene Coffee Roasters too?

Spokane Whole Bean Coffee.

Did you know that Spokane has a long standing love affair with coffee?  Yeh… like what city doesn’t, right?  Check out this Spokane coffee shop picture.  It’s from the 1940’s right in down town Spokane near the Davenport.  As ubiquitous as coffee shops seem today, still two thirds of Americans, and coffee lovers in Spokane, make their coffee at home or the office.

Here’s a fact.  You can make way better coffee at home with your own Spokane Whole Bean Coffee than any coffee shop in Spokane can make.  And I’m not talking about foo-foo coffee from the sugar shack. You know what I mean; a double decaf late with skim milk, white chocolate mocha, whipped cream, and sprinkles.  I’m talking real soul satisfying good coffee.  Just like your great-grandma used to make.

Spokane Whole Bean Coffee Grandma’s Coffee

Prior to 1900, purchasing raw green coffee beans, then taking them home and roasting them on the stove was the norm.  Yep.  Sounds like a pain doesn’t it?  But guess what?  That “fresh” coffee that your great-grandma used to make was WAY better than what most Americans drink today.  Why?  In a word “fresh”.  Your great-grandma brewed her coffee within days of roasting.  When Spokane Whole Bean Coffee is that fresh.  It’s amazingly better than today’s industrial coffee.

Did you know that all coffee starts going stale and bitter in just a few weeks.  You probably also won’t be too surprised to hear that a vast majority of coffee sold in the US has been sitting in warehouses or on store shelves for months if not years.  No wonder it’s bitter.  And to make things worse, industrial coffee companies like Folgers, Starbucks, and anything from Costco, in an effort to hide the bitterness, they burn the snot out of their beans.  Yuck!  Bitter AND burnt.

Spokane Whole Bean CoffeeCosta Rican Coffee

Here at Lake City Coffee, right here in the Spokane area, we purchase the best Central American beans that money can buy; lightly roast them; then deliver them to you within 24 hours.  In fact, we even hand write the roasting date on the coffee bag.  Now that’s fresh.  And the difference in taste is nothing short of amazing.

So, if you want some amazingly smooth coffee, then order some Spokane Whole Bean Coffee today.

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