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Whole Bean Roast Guide

Let’s face it, when it comes to roasting, the coffee industry is replete with a ton of marketing hype. Let’s be clear; there really are really only three roasts; light, medium, and dark. Everything is else is hype. So, here’s our lineup of signature, hand-crafted, specialty roasts.

Majestic Medium

Most coffee companies roast the snot out of their beans, so all you can taste is the roaster, i.e., burnt. With our Majestic Medium roast, we’re looking for a taste that is super smooth with a variety of subtle flavors like floral, nut, and fruity. This is one smooth and sophisticated cup of coffee. You’ve probably never experienced true coffee flavor like this.

Delectable Dark

Some people just plain expect their coffee to be bold and strong with a “burnt” taste. We refuse to burn our coffee, but in difference to these “bold & strong” people, we’ve roasted these beans to be “barely black” on the outside and dark brown on the inside. This wonderful balance gives you both a true coffee flavor and a “slight” burnt taste, which also does not have any hint of bitterness or acid.


What would you rather have, a beautiful shot of espresso or a great tasting shot of espresso? Our “espresso” is roasted just a tiny bit more than our Delectable Dark. This means it still tastes like coffee and not charcoal. If you’re looking for an espresso that tastes good, strong, and smooth, then this is it.

White Lightning

Our whole bean white coffee is wonderfully weird.  It doesn’t taste like “normal” coffee.  It tastes more like a super smooth grassy tea.  You talk about a relaxing moment with your coffee. This is it!   And here’s the kicker.  White coffee has double the caffeine than dark coffee.  Yet, it’s way smoother.  Go figure.

Our whole bean white coffee comes from the same plantations as the rest of our product line, Costa Rica.  This organic whole bean white coffee is grown over 1,000 meters in elevation, under the shade, hand picked, and sun dried.  Heck, the way the grower Miguel tells it, they even sing to the coffee plants in the evening just to put them asleep. I’m not sure, but I think that’s a bit of Costa Rican humor.