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Best Whole Bean Coffee

whole bean coffeeNot everyone cares about what they eat or drink.  Some people are perfectly content with McDonalds and Starbucks.  But that’s not you is it?  I’m guessing if you’ve found your way to the bottom of this page, then you either have way too much time on your hands or you really love coffee.  In fact, I’m betting that as a coffee snob, you know that fresh ground coffee fresh roasted coffee beans makes a huge difference.

Gourmet Coffee Beans

So, what makes the best gourmet coffee beans?   In a word; “fresh”.  The fresher the beans the better the coffee.  It’s that simple.  The best fresh coffee beans have been roasted for less than 30 days and preferably less than 3 weeks.  That’s why we roast and FedEx our best fresh roasted coffee beans on the same day.

Costa Rican Coffee

whole bean coffeeI’ve tried coffee from dozens of countries.  And guess what?  When the coffee is fresh roasted, they’re all pretty darn good.  I like my coffee smooth; never bitter; never burnt.  After much taste testing, I’ve found that coffees from Central America are the smoothest, with rich undertones of nut and chocolate.  During our honeymoon in Costa Rica, we met Francisco Arrieta Brenes (Frank), owner of Vista Al Valle coffee farm.

One taste of Frank’s organic, hand picked, sun dried, Costa Rican Coffee and I fell in love all over again.  Just imagine the smoothest coffee in the world with a hint of chocolate and spice.  Wow!!!   Costa Rican coffee may very well be the best coffee experience of your life.  It has been for me.  That’s why we source our coffee exclusively from small independent organic farmers in Costa Rica.